The official website of the Drive-In A Go-Go internet radio stream. A favorite of cool cats everywhere.

Welcome to the alternate universe of rock 'n' roll. A place where the also ran 45s of the past have a second chance to shine. The home of grimy garage rock, bubblegum pop, sleazy r&b, wailing soul and greasy instrumental madness. It's the music of the past (especially from the 1960s) that didn't succeed then, because so many records were being released that radio didn't have time to play it all.

We take the obscure tunes and play them a lot. Songs that seem new if you haven't heard them before, and you might find them running through your head when you're not tuned in. Just like what happened to us back in the heyday of Top 40 radio, which was all about what's new and upcoming. There's even a Top 40 chart listed here each week for the songs getting heavy rotation at the moment.

Whether it's garage rock, oldies, classic rock or power pop, the lesser known songs are what get played the most here. Then mix in ads for drive-in movies and concert promos taken from 1960s and 70s radio. It's all part of the Drive-In A Go-Go sound.